Machine learning platform for drug discovery. Fueled by science, engineered for results.

Systems built with reproducibility, interpretability, and performance in mind. Build models with state-of-the-art molecular representations and model architectures that can be saved, loaded, and shared in a moment. Plus a suite of interpretability tools for analysis.



A open-source library for molecular property prediction. Designed for individuals, academia, and small teams, ChemEngine aggregates industry-leading research into a unified framework that achieves top tier performance on open benchmarks. Visualizations and interpretability tools enable scientists to derive real insights.

OlorenVec Descriptors

Our state-of-the-art molecular descriptor built with supervised contrastive learning. It leverages the information from millions of publicly curated datasets into a singular molecular representation, guaranteed to improve performance on ADMET prediction tasks. OlorenVec can also be finetuned on large internal datasets for even better performance.


ChemEngine Enterprise

Designed to integrate well in teams. AutoML for selecting the best model. Powerpoint integration to share visualizations. Dedicated support, feature development, and ML Ops to make using ChemEngine as easy as possible.

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Analysis Suite

ChemEngine Enterprise's associated no-code frontend, bundling ChemEngine's functionality with an easy to use, collaborative interface. Working within Oloren Analysis Suite is intuitive and seamless.

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